Risk warning: although investing and trading in financial instruments can result in profit, there is also a potential risk of losing some or all of the invested capital. The risks rise when dealing with leveraged products. For more information, please read our risk disclosure statement.

Trading for everyone
From the beginner to the pro

Trade in global stocks, currencies, indices and commodities CFDs on the platform of your choice. Making the most of market opportunities has never been so easy.

Smart, Simple Trading

The Simple™ trading platform was designed with the novice in mind and has innovative features that help minimise risk.

Practise first – Get the real trading experience with zero risk. All practice trades are based on actual real-time market movements

CFDs are high risk investments

Trade on the go

Don’t miss out on a trading opportunity, download our Simple™ app and trade on the go.

Easy to use interface

Even if you are a first time trader you will be able to use the Simple ™ trading platform with ease

Risk controlled

With innovative features aimed at mitigating risk you are firmly in control of each trade

Simple fee structure

With a transparent commission fee you see the exact cost of each trade

Controlled leverage

Our risk sensitivity feature lets you increase trade value while controlling risk

Guard profits

Set when to close a profitable trade to avoid any later losses

Control loss

Set when to close a losing trade to protect yourself from further losses

Trading on Pro

Our Pro platform was designed to give traders an exceptional experience. It is brings you the speed, transparency and efficiency you expect from your platform and offers exciting new features

CFDs are high risk investments

The smart platform for experienced traders

Pro’s innovative features give you full control over your trades. You can reverse or double your position or close all trades in the click of a button. Of course it also offers competitive spreads and deep liquidity and all the features you expect from your platform.

Advanced charting

From Candlestick and Renko charts to advanced drawing tools, use our charts to accurately asset performance

Transparency and fast execution

Real-time quotes are provided by top-tier liquidity providers, orders are filled at ultra-fast speed

Full range of order types

The platform supports a wide range of order types, including market orders, limit orders, stop orders and more

Technical indicators

Our massive library of over 100 prebuilt indicators let you compare asset performance

A word about CFDs

When you trade in Simple™ or Pro, you trade in CFDs (Contracts for Difference). This means you agree to exchange the difference in the value of an asset. You can profit when assets go up or down in value. CFD trading enables you to leverage a trade, making the trade worth more than the amount you invest. While this significantly increases profit potential, it also increases risk. We have measures in place to control risk. On Simple™ you cannot lose more than you invest in a trade and on Pro your losses cannot exceed the amount in your account.

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