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Our robo advisor will build you a customised portfolio based on your circumstances and appetite for risk. If you prefer you can build your own portfolios



Our portfolios are comprised of automated investment strategies which continuously work for you. They are so smart they can even offer market protection.



You will find opening and tracking your portfolios easy. Our interfaces are designed to be straightforward, intuitive and we use language you will understand.

Whatever your means, whatever your goals, get the right investment portfolio

When you invest, you give your money a better chance of working for you. Portfolio management is the skill of choosing and managing the ideal mix of investments to give your money the best chance of growth.

Start your investment plan

Tell us about you and open a personalised portfolio

Build your own portfolios

Visit our suite of investment strategies, select the ones you want to include in your portfolio and let us know how much you want to invest in each. You can adjust strategies to compare different portfolios.

You only need to invest $500 to open a customised portfolio with Portfolio Builder.

Smarter investment decisions

You have full information about each strategy as well as each mix of strategies you put together in a portfolio including past return, predicted return and different return scenarios.

Stay on track

It is easy to keep track of your investments. Just login to our app or check online. You can always adjust monthly contributions and add lump sums. Should your circumstances change and you need to access your money, you can close a portfolio whenever you choose without any penalties.

Top end portfolio management for fees you can afford

We have a transparent fee structure. Our fees include an annual management fee which ranges between 0.99% – 1.5% and is paid monthly and a 15% performance fee on profit only which is paid quarterly.

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