What is portfolio management?

Portfolio management is the skill of choosing and managing a mix of investments to meet investors’ unique needs and goals, to give their money the best chance of growth.

Whatever your financial goals or means, a diversified investment portfolio, that includes alternative investments, can take you in the right direction. Our alternative investment strategies strive to make higher return than traditional “buy & hold” investments, and when included alongside traditional investments, can lower your overall portfolio risk.

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The right portfolio for you

You can choose to invest in a customised portfolio recommended by our Portfolio Advisor or build your own with Portfolio Builder.

Portfolio Advisor

Online Portfolio adviser

Portfolio Advisor is a sophisticated robo adviser which analyses your appetite for risk and financial preferences and recommends a customised portfolio. You can open an automated portfolio for a minimum investment of $1,500. All you have to do, is to answer 5 key questions.

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Portfolio Builder

Online Portfolio builder

If you want the freedom to choose your own automated investment strategies, Portfolio Builder is for you. You only need $500 to start. Portfolio Builder gives you detailed information for smarter investment decisions.

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Alternative investment strategies

Active portfolio management, on the go...

Our portfolio management services offer full transparency so that you are always in control of your investments. Our mobile app makes easy for you to track portfolio performance and even adjust your portfolios.

Alternative investment strategies

Unlike other portfolios, ours are comprised of innovative alternative investment strategies. Strategies are highly sophisticated and complex investment models which continuously work to protect your portfolio and maximise investment return.
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