What are investment strategies?

An investment strategy is a financial model which combines data, technology and financial optimisation, to protect your investments and increase return. Each of our investment strategies has been vigorously tested and has a proven track record.

Diverse and fully automated

Each of our investment strategies is diversified and automated.

Each strategy is comprised of a number of assets from the same class (such as commodities, equities, bonds etc.) each with its own risk and return value, carefully chosen for how they perform together.

Visit our Strategy centre for full details of each strategy.

You only need $ 500 to start investing in strategies. You can invest independently using Portfolio Builder . If you prefer, you can invest in customised portfolios comprised of strategies built and managed by our Portfolio Advisor for investments over $ 1,500.

smart us equities graph * This chart is for illustrative purposes only, it does not constitute a recommendation to invest in a certain strategy or mix of strategies

Always a step ahead

Sophisticated financial algorithms monitor each strategy and use risk management features, such as active hedging, automatic rebalancing and active leveraging to protect investments and optimise return.

investing money the smart way

Active hedging

Each strategy contains assets which, when combined, protect investments through hedging. The hedged assets are monitored and adjusted if their hedging characteristics change.

Automatic rebalancing

Rebalancing is important to ensure your portfolio does not stray from its defined level of risk. If there is a deviation in asset performance over a pre-defined threshold, your portfolio will be automatically rebalanced.

Active leveraging

Algorithms monitor leveraged assets and respond to strategy performance. When there is a change in performance leverage can increase or decrease and profits can be locked in.

Our investment strategies

Smart US equities

A medium risk strategy which provides wide exposure to the major US stock market indices.

Smart APAC equities

A medium risk strategy which provides wide exposure to Asia Pacific market indices, including Hong Kong and Japan.

Smart EU equities

A medium risk strategy which provides exposure to Europe's major market indices, including the UK and Germany.

Divorcing Pairs

A medium-risk strategy based on proprietary analysis of the S&P Sectors asset class. The strategy provides exposure to the world’s major companies and makes both long and short trades without leverage.

Calm Algo

A solid strategy based on technical analysis of the main asset class ETFs. This strategy is mostly long indexes, and short on leveraged ETFs where a volatility drop is expected.

Momentum Algo

A high-risk strategy based on technical analysis of 5 separate major Asset Classes. Like a committee of advisors, this strategy would position itself either in long or short, according to the technical read from the different tools implemented on the group of assets.

Daily Trend

The strategy is based on statistical daily correction. Towards the end of a trading day most of the time there is a correction of the day’s movement.

Visit our Strategy centre for full details of each strategy.

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