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Smart investing made simple

Making smart financial decisions has never been easier

You have simple access to our customised portfolio management services, range of automated investment strategies and a choice of trading platforms.

Start with 3 simple steps

  • How it works

    Create your account

    An account is the gateway to a smarter financial future. It gives you access to a choice of alternative investments. As a regulated financial services provider we require proof of identity and some personal information.

  • How works

    Choose your investments

    Open one portfolio, or one for each of your goals. Use Portfolio Advisor to receive a customised recommendation or Portfolio Builder to create your own. For short term investing try one of our trading platforms.

  • How to invest for retirement

    Watch your investments grow

    With you can be sure your money is working for you. You can check your investments at any time, on any device. You can open new investments or close existing ones. You are always in control.

Choice of smart investment opportunities

Portfolio Advisor

Fully managed personalised portfolios

Invest in customised portfolios, built and managed by our sophisticated robo adviser. Portfolios are diversified and fully automated. They actively work to maximise return and protect your investments. For investments starting at $1,500. Read more

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Portfolio Builder

Build your own portfolio

With Portfolio Builder you can independently invest in our automated investment strategies and build your own portfolios. Each strategy is diversified and you can invest in one or more strategies. For investments starting at $500. Read more

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Trading, simplified

Designed with the novice in mind, our Simple™ trading platform has features which put you firmly in control and promotes responsible trading. It mitigates the risks and complexities of traditional trading. Read more

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Smart, professional trading

Designed with the experienced trader in mind, Pro is our user-friendly CFD platform for trading in currencies, commodities, indices and shares. Read more

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You can check how your investments are performing whenever you want, wherever you want, on your desktop or mobile. Our interface is friendly and easy to use.

If your circumstances change, you can adjust your investments. We maintain the highest standards of security to keep your money and your data safe. If it sounds safe, smart and simple, that’s because it is!

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