Alternative investments

The key to a better financial future

In an era of low interest rates, stock market fluctuation and economic uncertainty, most people are faced with either low return or high risk on their stocks, bonds and cash investments, all “buy & hold” traditional investments.
Alternative investments behave differently. They offer market protection, as they do not track traditional market trends and can continue to profit even when markets go down. The very wealthy and professional investors use them to protect their investments and maximise return. However, they have been a closed shop for most of us. Until now.

For the first time, with, anyone can access alternative investments

Our expertise is alternative investments. We harness technology to operate investment strategies, all based on alternative investments. Our strategies are designed to continuously monitor, predict and respond to market movements, actively seeking to make the most of market opportunities. Our strategies offer high return potential, market protection and an opportunity for diversification.
We use the most advanced auto-trading technology available to build and manage customised portfolios, comprised of those strategies.
With our Portfolio Builder , you can start investing in our alternative investment strategies with as little as £ 500 for each strategy or receive a customized portfolio recommendation for as little as £ 1,500 with our robo adviser .
In short, allows you to become a smart investor. We’ve made it simple.

Smarter investing starts with true diversification

Diversification is the key to smart money management. Financial experts use it to minimise overall risk and to maximise return. Alternative investments give another layer of diversification, as they do not trail traditional market trends. This means that the alternatives within your overall investments will balance and protect your money, allowing you to maximise return.

Don't just take our word for it

A study by Nobel Prize winning economist Harry Markowitz concluded that the inclusion of alternative investments truly diversifies an investment portfolio, lowering the risk for a given level of return or increasing return for a given level of risk.

Markowitz Efficient Frontier graph

The perfectly balanced overall investment portfolio

No more than 40%

Financial advisors recommend including alternative investments alongside traditional ones. We make this possible. We recommend that you invest no more than 40% of your overall portfolio in alternative investments.

Our robo advisor builds customised portfolios based on information you provide. It will automatically recommend how much of your overall wealth should be invested in alternatives, ranging from 10%-40%.

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