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Our portfolio management services offer affordable access to alternative investment strategies which do not trail market trends; they can profit even when markets go down. Our investment strategies use sophisticated computer algorithms to trade automatically. They are designed to actively seek investment opportunities and to make the most of changing market conditions, much like hedge funds.

Alternative investments have typically only been available to professional and institutional investors and very wealthy individuals as a means to diversify their investments, reduce risk and increase return potential.

For the first time, everyone has easy and affordable access to smart alternative investment strategies, with smart trading

The power of alternative investments

True diversification.

Because of their low correlation to traditional markets, alternative investments, alongside traditional ones, offer true diversification that will hedge your money for better risk control.

Market protection.

Ground breaking algo trading strategies continuously monitor, predict and respond to market movements so that you can profit even when markets go down.

High return potential.

Unlike traditional investments which trail market performance, our automated investments actively seek to make the most of market opportunities.

Intelligent investing Advantages


Use our automated robo adviser to easily build a customised portfolio. Open your portfolio with as little as $1,500. The activity within your portfolio is completely transparent; you can see full details of how your portfolio is working for you, at any time. Our fee structure is competitive and simple to understand.


Portfolio management is ideal for your long term investments. However, you need to know that your money is available to you if you need it. Therefore, all our portfolios offer full liquidity; you can access your money at any time, with no penalty.


You can easily open one portfolio or one for each of your financial goals. We offer the utmost flexibility. You can easily open, adjust or close any of your portfolios, at any time.

In control

You determine the risk level for each of your investments. When opening a few portfolios, you can determine different risk levels for each one.


Protecting your money, privacy and data is our priority. We adhere to the strictest security practices and international financial regulations. We are licensed in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Strong encryption

Secure servers

Privacy protection

We put the ‘I’ in invest


People have different investment needs and tolerance for risk, we help tailor your investments to your unique requirements.

Anytime, anywhere

You always have access to your investments. Check their performance, adjust your portfolios or even close an investment whenever you want. Our mobile app gives you quick and simple access when you are on the go.


We use simple terms, clear instructions, easy to use interfaces and have a transparent fee structure. If you ever need to speak to one of our experts, you can contact us by live chat, email or telephone.

We are here for you

Our investor relations team is here to guide you how to use our platforms and services. You can contact us by phone, email or chat. We are here for you.

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